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This is about the shenanigans of a traveling fox, basically a collection of all the bits and bobs that do not fit into the more professional part of this website.

Untersberg, view on Salzburg

Be it the food, the cool stuff to see or do, nice shops and other things. From the areas "must see" objects all the way to off the beaten track insider information for the discerning traveler and the curious local alike.

Ursprunger Bakery, Salzburg

Mind, this is merely a collection of things that I encounter while strolling around the places I visit, not a systematic travel guide or something. It may also include a variety of other articles, like restaurant reviews, cooking recipes, philosophical rambling, events and the one or another artsy project.


Wiener Schnitzel in the shape of Austria

As you may imagine, as an Austrian who lived abroad for a long time, I like to share some information about Austria. So here we go: The Enchanting Ways of Austria.

Bio Burger Meister, Salzburg - organic burgers

Most articles you find in the English language section of this website differ greatly from the German section, because I love to write, not to translate (unless I get paid for it).

Enjoy your time!

Awesome view from Gaisberg, Salzburg


Since in our shop in Salzburg we offer a range of lovely hand made bags, there is a section here in the background, where we can talk about bags in general, what type of bags there are, what materials are used and how the final product is worn.

I mean I am not a fashionista like my dear wifey, but bags are really useful at times!

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