What is Boho Style anyway?

Boho, or Bohemian style is coming back again and again, maybe it is because the style is just pure, natural beauty? But what is it all about, let us find out!

Boho, short for "bohemian", refers to a style that embraces a free-spirited, unconventional, and artistic aesthetic. Originating from the term "bohemian," which historically referred to artists, writers, and other creative individuals who lived unconventional lifestyles, the boho style draws inspiration from various cultures, artistic movements, and elements of nature. It emerged as a fashion and lifestyle trend in the 1960s and 1970s but has evolved over time to incorporate modern influences.


The boho style represents a rejection of mainstream norms and a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and non-conformity. It embodies a sense of wanderlust, creativity, and a connection to nature. Boho fashion and design often incorporate eclectic patterns, vibrant colors, natural materials, and a mix of vintage and contemporary elements.

Boho or Bohemian style is pure, natural beauty


The essence of boho can be described as relaxed, carefree, and organic. It exudes a sense of effortless style, embracing a "thrown-together" look that appears easy going yet is carefully curated. It's a style that promotes comfort and ease, allowing individuals to express their unique personality and embrace their inner free spirit.

Modern Application

In contemporary times, the boho style has become popular across various aspects of life, including fashion, home decor, and lifestyle choices. In fashion, boho elements can be seen in flowing maxi dresses, embroidered tops, fringe details, floppy hats, layered jewelry, and natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and suede. The boho style has also extended to accessories such as handbags, footwear, and even hairstyles adorned with flowers or braids.

In home decor, boho-inspired spaces often feature a mix of vintage and globally sourced furniture, colorful textiles, plants, macramé, and eclectic artwork. The goal is to create a warm, inviting, and lived-in atmosphere that reflects personal style and the love for travel and cultural exploration.

The boho style has also influenced the mindset of individuals, promoting a more eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Many boho enthusiasts prioritize ethical fashion, fair trade practices, and environmental sustainability, aligning with values of social responsibility and conscious consumerism.

Overall, the modern application of the boho style is a reflection of individuality, freedom, and a desire to break away from the constraints of mainstream trends. It encourages embracing one's unique tastes, celebrating diversity, and fostering a connection to nature and artistic expression.

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