Emperor Charlemagne in the Untersberg

Behold a tale from times long past, of power, magic and the deep!

Untersberg in Salzburg

In ages long past, when kingdoms rose and heroes strode the earth, there existed a legendary mountain known as the Untersberg. Its towering peaks pierced the heavens, shrouded in an aura of mystery and enchantment. Whispers spread through the lands of the mountain's secret, a tale woven with the threads of ancient kings and a slumbering emperor.

Amidst the lush landscapes of Salzburg, a great hero, Emperor Charlemagne, carved his path through the annals of history. With his noble knights and a kingdom stretching wide, he stood as a beacon of power and wisdom. But as his reign reached its twilight, an ancient prophecy whispered of his destined slumber, awaiting the day when his presence would be needed once more.

In the heart of the Untersberg, a cavern lay hidden from mortal eyes, known only to those touched by fate. It was here that Charlemagne, tired from the weight of his conquests, sought solace and respite. Deep within the mountain's embrace, he entered a slumber, waiting for the call of a world in need.

Legends spoke of the emperor's resting place, a stone table where he sat with his loyal knights and dwarves, their armor gleaming, their steeds at the ready. Time ceased to flow within that sacred chamber, where ancient magic held them frozen in a moment of eternal vigilance.

Charlemagne's long beard, grayed by countless years, grew unceasingly. It flowed through the table, its tendrils wrapping around its ancient stone, marking the passage of ages. It was said that his beard circled the table seven times, and as time passes every century he would open his eyes, asking his loyal dwarves for aid. "Are the ravens still nesting on the Untersberg?", he would ask and if the answer was yes, he would carry on his sleep. But if one day the ravens leave the mountain, it would be time for Charlemagne and his entourage to rise from their slumber and ride once more with all their might towards the last battle that would consume the world as we know it.

Generations passed, kingdoms rose and fell, but the legend endured. The tales of the slumbering emperor in the Untersberg carried on, whispered by bards and sages, filling the hearts of those who heard them with dread and awe.

To this day, the Untersberg stands tall, its peaks reaching for the heavens, its ancient secrets guarded by time. Adventurers and wanderers venture forth, seeking the truth behind the tale, drawn by the allure of a hero's sleep and the promise of his awakening.

The legend of Charlemagne in the Untersberg lives on, a story woven into the tapestry of the realm. As the ages turn and the world changes, the mountain awaits its destined hour, when the call of valor and the echoes of an ancient empire will rouse the emperor from his timeless slumber, and the hero of old will rise once more.

I myself have seen the ravens circling the Untersberg and every time I lay my eyes on them, I feel at ease: The time has not yet come, we may have time still to make our peace within.

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