Kaffee Alchemie

Kaffee Alchemie, Rudolfskai 38, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.

Review from ~ 2018. More about my coffee adventure.

My two weeks at home were the probably most stressful two weeks I ever enjoyed on a holiday. I did not have -even one chance- to play Dwarf Fortress, which indicates how busy I was. However there was some time left to visit a variety of coffee shops in Salzburg.

Kaffee Alchemie

Here we dropped by Kaffee Alchemie on Rudolfskai and I must say it is a lovely and dedicated speciality coffee shop if I have ever seen one. The baristas are enthusiastic about good coffee and the quite small place is packed with books, brewing utensils and of course coffee from all over the world.

My wife and I shared a carafe of Ethiopian Heirloom and it was as delicious as always when I taste the splendid fruitiness of these tiny Ethiopian beans. The pumpkin seed triangle was tasty too and fit the cosy, friendly place well.

Kaffee Alchemie Salzburg

For locals who want to experience great coffee from around the world, as well as travellers who would like to enjoy a nice cup of single origin or a carafe of a masterfully roasted and combined blend, Kaffee Alchemie is a place to visit.

Kaffee Alchemie: http://www.kaffee-alchemie.at/

Enjoy your cup!

Update 2021:
Meanwhile we permanently live in Salzburg again and for me it is always a joy to visit Kaffee Alchemie. During the pandemic we didn't go out much, but last time I got myself a cup of Ethiopian bliss (take away) I realized they expanded and have far more space to sit in a pleasant vintage mood.
I highly recommend a visit when you happen to be in Salzburg!

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