List of Archbishops in Salzburg

I once had a list of all archbishops in Salzburg, just to help me date past international events with what happened in Salzburg during that time. It got lost, so I made a new one.

  1. Rupert (c. 696–718)
  2. Vitalis (c. 718–740)
  3. Modestus (c. 740–742)
  4. Virgil (c. 746–784)
  5. Arno (c. 785–821)
  6. Adalwin (c. 821–836)
  7. Otgar (c. 836–847)
  8. Adalwin II (c. 847–873)
  9. Liutpert (c. 873–907)
  10. Adalbert (c. 907–937)
  11. Herhold (c. 937–958)
  12. Friedrich I (c. 958–991)
  13. Hartwig I (c. 991–1023)
  14. Aribo (c. 1023–1039)
  15. Gebhard I (c. 1039–1041)
  16. Adalbero (c. 1041–1085)
  17. Thiemo (c. 1085–1101)
  18. Konrad I (c. 1106–1147)
  19. Eberhard I (c. 1147–1164)
  20. Konrad II (c. 1164–1168)
  21. Adalbert II (c. 1168–1177)
  22. Conrad III of Wittelsbach (c. 1177–1183)
  23. Adalbert III (c. 1183–1200)
  24. Eberhard II (c. 1200–1246)
  25. Bernhard I of Ziegenhain (c. 1247–1256)
  26. Philip of Carinthia (c. 1256–1257)
  27. Ulrich of Seckau (c. 1257–1265)
  28. Ladislaus of Salzburg (c. 1265–1270)
  29. Frederick II of Walchen (c. 1270–1291)
  30. Rudolf I of Hoheneck (c. 1291–1292)
  31. Conrad IV of Breitenfurt (c. 1292–1312)
  32. Friedrich III of Leibnitz (c. 1312–1338)
  33. Henry I of Pirnbrunn (c. 1338–1350)
  34. Albert II of Pietengau (c. 1350–1365)
  35. Pilgrim I of Puchheim (c. 1365–1396)
  36. Eberhard III of Neuhaus (c. 1396–1427)
  37. Conrad V of Weißeneck (c. 1427–1434)
  38. Frederick IV of Schaunberg (c. 1434–1452)
  39. Sigismund I of Volkersdorf (c. 1452–1461)
  40. Bernhard II of Rohr (c. 1461–1466)
  41. Burkhard II of Weißpriach (c. 1466–1468)
  42. Johann II of Reisberg (c. 1468–1484)
  43. Friedrich V of Schallenburg (c. 1484–1494)
  44. Johann III of Schallenburg (c. 1494–1514)
  45. Leonhard of Keutschach (c. 1514–1519)
  46. Matthäus Lang von Wellenburg (c. 1519–1540)
  47. Ernst of Bavaria (c. 1540–1554)
  48. Michael of Khuenburg (c. 1554–1560)
  49. Johann IV of Schrattenbach (c. 1560–1575)
  50. Georg of Kuenburg (c. 1575–1587)
  51. Wolf Dietrich Raitenau (c. 1587–1612)
  52. Marcus Sitticus of Hohenems (c. 1612–1619)
  53. Paris von Lodron (c. 1619–1653)
  54. Guidobald of Thun (c. 1654–1668)
  55. Maximilian Gandolf of Kuenburg (c. 1668–1687)
  56. Johann Ernst of Thun (c. 1687–1709)
  57. Franz Anton Harrach (c. 1709–1727)
  58. Leopold Anton von Firmian (c. 1727–1744)
  59. Jakob Ernst von Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn (c. 1745–1747)
  60. Andreas Jakob von Dietrichstein (c. 1747–1753)
  61. Sigismund III Christoph von Schrattenbach (c. 1753–1771)
  62. Hieronymus von Colloredo (c. 1772–1812)
  63. Sigmund Christoph von Zeil und Trauchburg (c. 1819–1823)
  64. Leopold Maximilian von Firmian (c. 1823–1831)
  65. Friedrich Johannes Jacob Celestin von Schwarzenberg (c. 1831–1849)
  66. Maximilian Joseph von Tarnóczy (c. 1850–1876)
  67. Franz de Paula Albert Eder (c. 1876–1890)
  68. Franz von Bettinger (c. 1890–1909)
  69. Johann Baptist Katschthaler (c. 1909–1914)
  70. Balthasar Kaltner (c. 1914–1918)
  71. Ignatius Rieder (c. 1918–1934)
  72. Sigismund Waitz (c. 1934–1941)
  73. Andreas Rohracher (c. 1943–1969)
  74. Karl Berg (c. 1969–1988)
  75. Georg Eder (c. 1988–2002)
  76. Alois Kothgasser (c. 2002–2013)
  77. Franz Lackner (c. 2013-present)

Please note that the years mentioned are approximate and represent the periods during which each archbishop served.

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