The Engineer

Here I played around with AI again.

Let's start at the beginning: I am writing a book. For at least 20 years I am writing on it and I have no hope of ever finishing it. A dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction about time travel, the rift in the multiverse and a girl as protagonist in a world so vast and complicated that not even I can fully comprehend it.
In my vision, the characters don't really have a certain skin color or ethnicity. They have a character and some of them have a certain heritage like Austrian, Vietnamese, Croatian or Jewish. And there is one character who plays a rather short, but nonetheless important role - the Engineer.
He is the leader of the resistance, charismatic, strong, smart and the father of the boy who will share a good part of the protagonist's path as far as I see it unfolding. So I was playing around with an AI program today, half trying to promote coffee for RealiTea, half involved in my own little daydream and I made the program create one engineer after the other. They all were not quite right - and I don't mean the ubiquitous six fingers, multiple legs or warped heads. It was the wrong vibe.
Until I generated engineers of African heritage. And there he was!

The Engineer

He is not the adventurer, the wizard, the alchemist, the fighter, the lightning-fast cybernetic assassin, he is just the Engineer - and the leader of the one and only group to stand up against the dystopian Austrian Empire and their part-human secret police.

AI is not the solution, but it is a nice tool to flesh out some ideas.

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